Q8 Formula F1 10W-50

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    • Q8 Formula F1 10W-50

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    • Bitte beachten: Dieser Beitrag enthält einen kleinen Test, paar Infos zu Q8 Oils und auch Werbung.
      Ist aber insgesamt ganz nett gemacht und das Formula F1 10W-50 ist ein interessantes Öl.
      Unter der Quellenangabe findet ihr den 8-seitigen Thread zum Beitrag.

      Tom schrieb:

      Test: Q8 Oils and Lubegard

      Story by: Supremus
      Photos by: Tom

      When the lube isn’t up to standard, each stroke is filled with painful moans and frustration. Even when you lube it, make sure it is something good, something that will last, and something she likes…

      Don’t lube her with some low quality blend, she doesn’t like it, no one does. Neither does my beloved RB26. So treat your engine like your sexy girlfriend and you wont be disappointed, this is what ‘Car-ma-Sutra’ has taught me.

      Picking up a good lube ensures every stroke is filled with great pleasure and endless moment of enjoyment.

      What is Q8 Oils?

      If you haven’t heard of Q8 Oils by now, go kill your self. This potent concoction has been the talk of the town, period. Flip through any car magazine or walk into any workshop I’m sure you will bound to see them shouting at you.

      So for those who have slept, Q8 Oils is no fly by night one-nightstand lube. This potent juice has been around longer than most of you might think. Brewed in Rotterdam, Belgium and United Kingdom by the Kuwait Oil Company and bottled in Leeds. They have a wide range of lubes from engine oil to transmission fluids these guys mean business.

      Cosmic Elite Enterprise, is the Malaysian distributor of Q8 Oils and Lubegard. Top of the range Q8oils includes the Q8 Formula F1 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-50 and Q8 Gear Oil T55. We decided to sample it on our Zerotohundred.com chick magnet.

      We jetted to Quarter Mile Performance Parts the same day and got them to pour in the Lubegard engine flush. Once down, off we go.

      Couple of days past, again, back to Quarter Mile Performance Parts. Time to drain the old lubes. We waited impatiently as the old lubes drains out of the RB26 and the 5-speed manual gearbox. Is like watching a blood transfusion.

      Exit old enter new. We got our Japanese counterpart Yuko Takahashi to pour the potent blend of Q8 Formula F1 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-50 gently into the thirsty engine opening, with her petite and gentle movement we are certain that every drop goes in.

      As for the Q8 Gear Oil T55, the technicians of Quarter Mile were at hand to do the dirty. It was a little messier and a lot more work. But it was done without any hassle.

      The time has come. We listen silently as we wake the sleeping RB26, it roars gently with new fresh lube. Quieter tappets and the slightly lower oil temperature reading were the most obvious. For the RB26 to know its new friend Q8 better, we allow the engine to idle for a couple of minutes before taking it for a pedal happy session.

      Now after more than a month and with mileage getting close to 1500 km, the engine runs like butter and the transmission slides like a sushi knife. No complaints whatsoever, don’t get me wrong fellows. I’m not saying this is the best lube ever made, at least its the best so far for our chick magnet show car.

      Just like hair conditioners, Engines and transmissions work differently with additives. Lubegard makes a whole lot of engine and transmission preservatives and conditioners. Ranging from cleaners, to friction modifiers.

      Regular lubrication may not be enough, these synthetic chemicals mate with regular lubricants form a formidable force, maximizing the nature of lubrication.

      Q8 Oils and Lubegard are available at Quarter Mile Performance Parts Sdn Bhd, KSP Power Sdn Bhd and all good performance shops in your neighbourhood

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