VW Passat BiTDI 10/2015, remaped to 290bhp and 560nm

  • Hi !
    So I have a VW Passat BiTDI 10/2015, remaped to 290bhp and 560nm (so, a Stage 0, a softer touch). Only has about 75k km.
    I do the oil changes at about 10k km, with all the filters.
    I have used (2 oil changes so far, since i bought the car (i bought it at 55.900km)) i have used Mobil 1 ESP 0W30.
    From which I understand the 507 standard for VW TDI with DPF, are 0W30 and 5W30.
    From my point of view, the 0W30 is the better choice.
    Did anyone use M1 ESP 0W30 and can make a review of the oil?
    Any other recommandations? :)

    1. Car Manufacturer, Model, Year of Construction: VW PASSAT VARIANT, 10/2015
    2. Engine - diesel / gasoline, displacement, power: CUAA, BITDI, 2000cmc, 240bhp/500nm ( now at about 290bhp/560nm ) + ADBLUE
    3. Oil volume of the engine: 4,9L service fill
    4. Driving Profile - Motorsport, Short-Distance: Mostly normal driving, daily basis around town and surroundings ( aprox 40-50km/day, maybe more ). 50% normal driving, 30% sportier and about 20% fast
    5. Average speed (see BC, if available): on a daily use around 30-40kmh, extraurban style 70-90kmh ( we do not have a lot of highways in Romania :)) )
    6. Planned oil change intervals: 10.000km ( oil and all the filters ). It may sound stupid for most people, but i always respect my car. Small engine, only 5L of oil, 2 turbos, a lot of cold starts, mostly urban driving... better this way. I wanted to buy a 2.0TSI for how i use the care, but the price was about 3-4000eur over the streched to the limit budget... )
    7. Mileage per year: between 25.000 and 30.000km
    8. Total mileage of the car (mileage): 74.000km ( bought second-hand form Germany at 55.900km, and remaped at about 65.000km )
    9. So far used oil: Mobil 1 ESP 0W30 ( i had a very good experience with Mobil 1 ESP 0W40, on my previous car ( Opel Astra 2.0CDTI 165bhp/350nm - remaped to 190bhp/400nm for about 60.0000km - 6 service oil replacements, but for the VW this oil does not fulfill the norm 504/507 )
    10. Oil consumption ml / 1.000Km: for the last 11.000 since i serviced the car, and half of them pushed on highways at high speeds, the consumption was 100-200ml.
    11. Which oil temperatures are reached: normaly at bout 90-110dgr
    12. Emission standard, exhaust aftertreatment: EURO6 with ADBLUE
    13. Manufacturer releases and viscosities: 0W30 and 5W30
    14. Manufacturer's warranty or goodwill claims: without warranty
    15. Performance increase / planned: already increased :)
    16. Other irregularities, parts exchange, cleaning etc .: none
    17. Planned budget: no limit, just a good oil that can be found easily ( i live in Romania )
    18. Contamination by oil filling opening visible? - i don't understand the question :)

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  • Hi @ska,

    thanks for the additional infos.
    Personally I would tend to viscosity 5W-40 with VW 502 00 and ACEA C3. Your slight performance increase (more power and maybe more fuel entry) justifies a rise in viscosity (in my opinion).

    On the other hand, car´s manual states VW 504/504 (which only allows 0W-30 and 5W-30). Moreover, oil temperatures seem to reach a maximum of 110 degrees. That is still in the moderate range! :)

    Plus, your oil change intervals are quite short (which is good!). I even think you can extend kilometers to 12 til 15 k km!

    So I would avoid 0W-30 and go with 5W-30. Oils with 5W have a thicker base oil than 0W-oils which should guarantee a more constant HTHS throughout the interval.

    Good options are:

    • Ravenol VMP 5W-30
    • Mobil ESP 5W-30
    • Total Quartz Ineo Longlife 5W-30
    • Fuchs Titan GT1 Pro C3 XTL
  • Hello @oilbuyer, thank you for your reply.
    I would have used 0W40 but it does not have approval for VW norm 504 ( gasoline ) / 507 ( diesel ). Neither does 5W40.
    Oil temperatures reach 70-80% of the time a max of 110drg, the rest 20-30% is above 110 ( maybe 115-120max )
    I check regulary the oil ( at about 3k km ) and above 10k km it gets very dark and watery, so properties not at best levels ( i presume, i am not an expert, and i did not make a true used oil analysis :)) )
    When i bought the car, the dealer ( VW deal ) ( actually the chief mechanic ) told me that they use Mobil 1 Super 3000 5W30.
    I thought that a 0W30 oil will be better for my car, my driving style and my daily routine ( a few cold starts )...
    Oil change interval remain the same, at 10k km. I feel better that way.

  • I knew it did not have any warranty left, when i bought the car, so that is not an issue.
    I am also thinking about the DPF and the regenerations of the DPF. I have a regeneration at about 300-350km with the 0W30, before with the 5W30 used by VW Germany i had one at 250-300km.
    I do not have a problem with respecting the VW norm 507, the question is only, what is better for my car? 0W30 or 5W30? :)

  • I would also opt for 5W-30 if you want to stay with the factory recommendations.

    Although 0W-30 should not pose a problem with your oil change intervals of 10K I would also suggest 5W-30 for the tuning, it has a stronger(thicker) basestock than 0W-30.

    The recommendations of oilbuyer are good, I would only add:

    Rowe Multi Synth DPF 5W-30
    Addinol Gigs Light 5W-30

    If you have been happy with Mobil1 I would just go with the ESP 5W-30, make sure you buy it from a Exxon Mobil partner to be on the safe side of things :hello:

  • Auch wenn ich des Englischen mächtig bin, verzeih mir meine Faulheit:

    5W-Öle bieten ein stabileres Basisöl, die Winter in Rumänien sind nicht wirklich kalt, daher sehe ich absolut keine Notwendigkeit für ein 0W-Öl. Die Beladung des DPFs und die daraus resultierende Regeneration ist rein errechnet / modelliert. Natürlich kann je nach verwendetem Öl die tatsächliche DPF-Beladung variieren, aber ein anderes Öl ändert nicht den Regenerationsintervall. Rein technisch gesehen macht es auch wenig Sinn, dass der Intervall mit 5W kürzer ausfällt, als mit 0W.

    Ich würde bei diesem Fahrzeug auf 5W-30 oder 5W-40 als ACEA C3 Öl setzen. Ein Öl muss keine 507-Freigabe haben, damit es für DPFs geeignet ist.

    Geeignete Kandidaten wären:

    Ravenol RUP 5W-40
    Meguin Low Emission 5W-40
    Motul X-Clean 5W-40

    Addinol Giga Light 5W-30
    Meguin Compatible 5W-30
    ROWE Multi Synth DPF 5W-30

  • @FlipSidE thanks for the info.
    Yes, i am very pleased with Mobil 1, and yes, i buy it from a safe source :)

    @Alex4kant thanks! No problem with the laziness, there is a helper called google translate!
    I will stick with the norms imposed by VW, so i will use only 0w30 or 5w30.

    So, i see that everybody is opting for 5W30, so maybe for the next oil change i will switch to it.
    As i said before, for about 60k km i have used M1 ESP 0W40, and i was very pleased, which is a great all round oil. This would have been my choice if the VW norms allowed.
    The main reason for choosing the 0W30 was for a better protection when the engine is cold. Only about 20% of the time i push the care really hard to be in need of a W40 or higher, so the W30 would be ok in the given conditions.

    Maybe there, in Germany, you can buy good oil, in a lot of places, but here, i have to stick with the known brands, and i need an oil that i can find "easily" :D

  • The little advantages of 0w on a cold start a overruled by the advantages of the better wear protection of 5w oils.
    If you can, lower the egr rate it will raise the reliability of your engine. Less soot in your intake and longer DPF Life, less regeneration thereby less diesel dilution of your engine oil. If you worry about NoX. Probably your SCR System will compensate for that but maybe you'll have a higher AdBlur consumption, which is a little price for a longer car life.

  • @Autoverrueckter thanks! So, as you and the other members suggest, overall, a 5W is better than a 0W, for engine protection.
    How can you lower the egr rate?
    I try to keep in view the regeneration, and i try as much as possible to make it in the optimal conditions and driving style ( not in the city, at constant revs about 2500rpm, and at 100-120kmh ).
    I know that if you miss one, the diesel fuel that is not burned is going into the oil bay, contaminating the oil, making the oil level higher ... ( is this a myth or? )
    I use about 10L of Adblue at about 7-8000km.

  • Yes not finished regeneration is not good. Diesel is so thin it makes your oil thinner thus providing less protection. Well a tuner should be able to do that. On BMW you can do that with Rheingold yourself. Don't know how that works on VW @E36
    can help you with this

  • The little advantages of 0w on a cold start a overruled by the advantages of the better wear protection of 5w oils.

    This still challenges me :)

    I am getting close to 90k km, and i have still used the Mobil 1 ESP 0W30, without any problems.
    The only time i added oil was after a vacation in Croatia in August 2019, where over 2000km with speeds of 160-180kmh on highways, i had to add about 200ml of oil, but i was close to 12k km since the last oil change, so having in view the number of km from the last oil change, and the highway speeds, i did not see a problem with the oil "consumption". This was also the only time i skipped the 10k km mark for oil change.
    Otherwise, from one oil change to another, i do not have to add oil, it is close to max.

    I am still thinking about changing to 5W30, but i am still not sure. Yes the base is better, but for my personal needs, is it really better?

    I can update a little bit some details from the first post:

    4. Driving Profile: Mostly normal driving, daily basis around town and surroundings ( aprox 50-75 km/day, maybe more ). 70-75% normal driving, 15-20% sportier and max 5-10% fast
    - the problem here is that i have a lot of start/stops during the day, between 10 and 15 minimum, so many times the engine cools, and the oil temperature drops below 50 dgr, so this is why i think that the 0W30 does a better job, the greatest usage problem with an engine, is when it is cold. Also, a more fluid oil, gets to lubricate all the engine components faster. Also, having in view that i have the oil change intervals at 10k km, i do not see a problem with using a 0W30 oil.
    ( If i had a routine driving style of 50-100km per day, with only 2-5 start stops, i would have had no doubt about using a 5W30 oil )

    11. Which oil temperatures are reached: 80-85% normally at bout 90-100 dgr, 5-10% between 100-110 dgr, and exceptions are above 110 dgr, when i push the car really hard ( 180-220kmh on highways )

    What can you tell me about the Ravenol oils? This is a new brand in Romania, and everybody is very hyped about it, but i did not hear anything about this brand.
    I saw that they have a 0W30 oil, the VSW USVO, which is pretty good at numbers:
    Viscosity at 40 - 60,8
    Viscosity at 100 - 12
    But here in Romania it is kind of expensive, compared to other high quality oils ( 5L would go up to 85-90eur )

    The Mobil 1 ESP 0W30 that i use at the moment, according to the Mobil 1 specs:
    Viscosity at 40 - 67,8
    Viscosity at 100 - 12,2
    This i can get ( 100% original, no fakes :) ) at about 42eur for 5L

    The other oil that i have a lot of interest in, and has very good review is the Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W30, with the specs:
    Viscosity at 40 - 58.70
    Viscosity at 100 - 11.9
    This is an oil that can cost about 46eur for 5L

    So, is Ravenol such a good oil ( almost twice as good ) as the price reflects? ( almost double ) as the M1 or Shell?

    Which out of these 3 would you chose?

    For comparison, the Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 that i think i will use if i change to a 5W30 specification:
    Viscosity at 40 - 64
    Viscosity at 100 - 11.72

    Am i wrong thinking that the viscosity at 100 dgr for a 0W30 is better/or at least similar to that of a 5W30 oil?
    How is this translated into real life/reality? :)

  • The thing with the thin Base Oil is that there ist no difference in the time the oil needs to reach all parts on "cold" start. You talk about temperatures in the range of 10-15°C and above (starts during the day), there is no difference at all, especially between 0W and 5W. The temperature when this has an effect is way below Zero (< -10°C). You can see it in the graphics in this post: CCS, kin. Visko, VI, Pp/Fp - Was sagt die Theorie?

    Yes you are right, the viscosity of 0W30 and 5W30 is the same (the same range!) @ 100°C, but the HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity isnt. This viscosity, measured @ 150°C and high shear load benefits from the thicker base oil of 5W or 10W and is therefore higher. This is good for bearings, chains and some type of valvetrains. Also you get a little reserve for fuel dillution.

    This is only true for all oil with the same base quality. A fully synthetic pao/ester 0W30 could be as strong as a HC/mineral based 5W30 because its base oil has a higher natural viscosity index and need a lower number of VII (viscosity index improvers) polymers to thicken the oil. When the base oil is the same, a thicker base has a higher HTHS and better physical properties (hths, noack, flashpoint etc, all improves with thicker base oil).

    If you can Mobil 1 and Shell for these prices, dont mind on the Ravenol Oils. They are not twice as good. Some Products (USVO Series and some Racing Oils especially) are very good, the majority is the same quality as many other good products. Mobil 1 and Shell are one of the biggest Global Players, their top Oil Ranges are at least as good as all other "High Performance Series" form other Manufacturers. Even her in Germany Ravenol is quite pricy, but 18€/l for VSW is "ridiculous" :D



  • Kv100 is the same, but the amount of the visco modifier is bigger in 0w-30, then in 5w-30, only Mobil1 ESP 5w-30 can be better as Mobil1 ESP 0w-30.
    But the sae30 oils with hths> 3,5 are the most produced oils in the world. The question is - how long do you use the 0w-30 in hours...

    ich habe keine Zeit für persönliche Ölberatung, sorry

  • Hi Karsten and Andy!
    Thank you very much for your detailed posts, and technical information. I am starting to see/understand now what you are talking about regarding the fact that 5W30 is a better suited oil than the 0W30.
    I take in consideration more seriously now to change the oil to 5W30.

    On top of the list will be the M1 ESP, without a doubt.
    I can buy from a safe source the following oils:
    Ravenol VMP USVO 5W30 is very well reviewed here in Romania, at about 65eur for 5L, but it is MID SAPS, not LOW SAPS, which i think is not so good for EGR/DPF/Regenerations/etc... or i understand wrongly what SAPS means/does...
    Motul Specific 504/507 - for about 55eur for 5L
    Motul X-Clean 8100 - for about 45eur for 5L

    I can find other oils here like Fuchs, Addinol, Total, Valvoline, and other knows brands, maybe not fake, but i would not take the risk.

    What can you tell be about ARAL oils? I see that for my car is suited the SuperTronic LL III 5W30.
    I used to put Aral HighTronic 5W40 in my first company car ( Opel Astra H 1.9CDTI 150hp, without DPF ), and it was ok-ish, from what i remember... 10-12 years ago i was not so interested in what oil to put in my car, but still then i made the oil changes up to a max of 15k km.
    I think that ARAL is owned by BP, but is still an oil made in Germany ( not in some est european countries, in which quality can be an issue :) )

    Andy, to respond to your final question, i think that at about 10k km oil change, in hours for the medium speed, it would be between 250-300 hours.