Porsche 997 4s cabrio, M97

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    • Porsche 997 4s cabrio, M97


      New to me 997 4s cabrio M97 3.8 engine, production year 04/2006 with 85000km. After reading on many forums about IMS bearing (Intermediate shaft bearing) failure being most likely related to oil grade - quality would like to ask Your help to find best oil for the car. M97 engine is fitted with factory improved double row modified non serviceable bearing. Also 997 cylinders scoring was the issue with some owners...Till now car has been filled with Mobile 0W40 in the dealership service, car has no any issues related to engine in past, was driven with care by previous owner but mostly not used being garage queen. Having plan to use it during nice weather all year round, planned oil change twice per year most likely every 6000km, as it is 3rd car in family and is lovely piece of automotive engineering (it put smile on my face every time pushed to red line with unreal level of control) plan is to keep it for a long time and drive it as Porsche should be driven. In my view full SAPS oil with high ZDDP level is preferred but every opinion is more than welcome. Looking through analysis reports posted here think that ROWE Synth RS 5W40 would be adequate but has no Porsche A40 approval, please to comment if approval is of any importance.
      Please for your advice regarding oil grade and brand for summer as well as for winter oil type.

      Sorry for not posting on German.
      Will use google translate for better understand of your valuable opinion.

      Thanks in advance

      1. Autohersteller, Model, Baujahr: 2006
      2. Motor - Diesel/Benzin, Hubraum, Leistung: Benzin ; 3824 ; 355 HP
      3. Öl-Volumen des Motors: 8.4 ltrs
      4. Fahrprofil - Motorsport, Kurz- Langstrecke: Sport style driving for fun, 50-100 km runs ; in past car was driven only during summer
      5. Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit (siehe BC, sofern vorhanden): High speed runs
      6. Geplante Ölwechsel-Intervalle: 2 per year
      7. Laufleistung pro Jahr: 8000 - 10000 km
      8. Gesamtlaufleistung des Kfz (Tachostand): 85000 km
      9. Bisher genutztes Öl: Mobil1 0W40
      10. Ölverbrauch ml/1.000Km: 0.1 ltr
      11. Welche Öltemperaturen werden erreicht: 120C max
      12. Abgasnorm, Abgasnachbehandlung: Have no idea, it is stock car with no modifications
      13. Hersteller-Freigaben und Viskositäten: Possible
      14. Herstellergarantie oder Kulanzansprüche: No
      15. Leistungssteigerung vorhanden/geplant:
      16. Sonstige Unregelmäßigkeiten, Teiletausch, Reinigungen etc.: On 82000km Large, small and 10 years service was completed in Porsche dealer service
      17. Eingeplantes Budget: High
      18. Verschmutzung durch Öleinfüllöffnung sichtbar? No

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    • Bearing protection goes along with HTHS viscosity, before ZDDP anti wear additive starts working or is needed. Reason is the hydrodynamic lubrication, which is the principle of how bearings in an engine work.

      Thicker base oil (5W , 10W) have significant more HTHS viscosity, even with the same viscosity at 100°C.

      For summer use, and even for winter if it does not get much below zero, for a sensitive Motor regarding berarings, I highly recommend 10W oil.

      Excellent oil is Gulf competition 10W40.

      The approvals are only important for service during warranty time.
    • You can order the Gulf Competition oils from
      opieoils UK.
      Several users here (including me) have ordered their oil from there and it proved to be a reliable source.

      However, I don’t know where you are living and while shipping to Germany seems to be working just fine, I don’t know about your home country...

      Best regards!
      :val: :gulf: :qoi:

      '88 Mitsubishi Galant (4G37, 185tkm): Q8 F1 10W-50
      '96 Toyota Starlet (4E-FE, 190tkm): ROWE Synt. RSi 5W-40
      '03 Renault Clio (K4J, 120tkm): Shell Helix HX6 10W-40

      "Wir schaffen Institutionen, Regierungen und Schulen, um uns im Leben zu helfen, doch jede Institution entwickelt nach einer Weile die Tendenz, sich nicht mehr so zu verhalten, als sollte sie uns dienen, sondern als sollten wir ihr dienen. Das ist der Moment, wenn das Individuum mit ihnen in Konflikt gerät.“ - Miloš Forman
    • I currently have the Gulf in use since ~9000kms (200 engine hours) and although my driving doesnt put a lot of stress on the oil I have had 0 problems so far.
      The engine runs just as smooth as
      when I first put it in.

      The higher bottom-end viscosity of the 10W-oil due to a thicker base oil helps to achieve a more steady viscosity throughout the interval of the oil as compared to a 5W- or 0W-oil.

      These oils 0W- / 5W-oils are typically composed of thin base oils and rely on viscosity enhancing substances to boost the viscosity at high temperatures.
      However, those VI enhancers do tend to wear out over time resulting in a diminished viscosity at high temperatures e.g. an 0W-40 can become an 0W30 or an 5W50 a 5W40.

      This however mainly occurs when there is great stress on the engines (regular track use or very sporty driving for instance) and/or extended drain intervals.

      The Gulf has less risk to do this because its base oil contains less VI enhancers.

      It should also be noted that some oils are more prone to show this behaviour than other oils, a used oil analysis can give you good insight in those cases! You can find a lot of them in this forum, also for the oils that were proposed to you! :thumbup:

      Long story short - 3000km is absolutely okay! :)

      Greetings to Croatia!
      :val: :gulf: :qoi:

      '88 Mitsubishi Galant (4G37, 185tkm): Q8 F1 10W-50
      '96 Toyota Starlet (4E-FE, 190tkm): ROWE Synt. RSi 5W-40
      '03 Renault Clio (K4J, 120tkm): Shell Helix HX6 10W-40

      "Wir schaffen Institutionen, Regierungen und Schulen, um uns im Leben zu helfen, doch jede Institution entwickelt nach einer Weile die Tendenz, sich nicht mehr so zu verhalten, als sollte sie uns dienen, sondern als sollten wir ihr dienen. Das ist der Moment, wenn das Individuum mit ihnen in Konflikt gerät.“ - Miloš Forman
    • Mein englisch ist ja nicht so gut, aber ich versuche es mal (mit Hilfe von Translation):

      Ogi, look at this (with neutral eyes at Labels):

      The important thing is to differentiate between Base-Oil and VI-Improver.
      The two things can show their advantages, but only in certain situations.

      So for example we have -20°C and 0W can show its advantages. But without -20°C, 0W can not have any advantages.
      It's just a thin Base-Oil with many VI-Improver, no more.

      So you used Summer only, 10W is welcome to protect at highest temperatures and hard mechanically requirement.
      Depending on the usage, the ratios of Base-Oil and VI-Improvers are to be distinguished. So we can differentiate about 0W/5W/10W/15W/20W and SAE 8/16/20/30/40/50/60.

      Links: #53 & #62
    • Guys, many thanks for your help! I will place order for Gulf racing 10W40 with Opie oils (they will have 5ltrs canisters soon, out of stock at moment). Also, can you provide me address of laboratory where you are sending oil for analysis. Once receive new oil would like to analyse present M1 0W40 and later new oil as well and post results here. Regarding Rowe Synth RS 5W40 which I already purchased, what HTHS does it have (Can not find data on line)? Can I use it for a few thousand km with peace of mind or to dispose it as a present to a friend (other two cars in family are under warranty, free maintenance program)

      Google translate :)

      Leute, vielen Dank für eure Hilfe! Ich werde eine Bestellung für Gulf racing 10W40 mit Opie-Ölen aufgeben (sie werden bald 5 Liter Kanister haben, momentan vergriffen). Können Sie mir auch die Adresse des Labors mitteilen, an das Sie Öl zur Analyse senden. Sobald Sie neues Öl erhalten, möchten Sie das aktuelle M1 0W40 und später auch neues Öl analysieren und die Ergebnisse hier veröffentlichen. In Bezug auf Rowe Synth RS 5W40, die ich bereits gekauft habe, welche HTHS hat es (Kann keine Daten online finden)? Kann ich es für ein paar tausend Kilometer ohne Bedenken verwenden oder es als Geschenk an einen Freund weitergeben (zwei andere Autos in der Familie sind unter Garantie, kostenloses Wartungsprogramm)?
    • Maddin wrote:

      The HTHS should be about 4 or a little higher. The ROWE is a quite thick 5W40, fully synthetic an a also very strong oil. Will do a great job.

      What makes the Gulf even better, is even thicker base oil, and the high moly content as a friction modifier.
      Great! Will use Rowe Synthy 5W40 for the summer and change to Gulf once 5 ltrs canisters get available on opie oil site. Can you share web site address of laboratory you using for analysis? So happy I have joined oil-club to get proper advise regarding oil! :) Thank You!

      Google translate:
      Großartig! Verwendet Rowe Synthy 5W40 für den Sommer und wechselt zu Gulf, sobald 5-Liter-Kanister auf der Opie-Oil-Site verfügbar sind. Können Sie die Website-Adresse des Labors mitteilen, das Sie für die Analyse verwenden? Ich bin so froh, dass ich mich dem Ölclub angeschlossen habe, um die richtigen Ratschläge in Bezug auf Öl zu erhalten! :) Danke dir!
    • the forum has used different laboratories. At the moment and most of the time, oelcheck.de is our preferred laboratory, please correct me if I'm mistaken. We already have a lot of analysis in stock and I probably ordered the two last 5 Liter containers :whistling: . At least I got mine last Wednesday. Which are you other cars at home?
      :rowe: :gulf:
    • Thanks for Laboratory info. I ordered Rowe Synth RS from e-bay (motor-oel.com) and hope it is genuine Rowe product? Web shop was mentioned here by one of posters, price was 93 euro for 2 x 5ltrs. Other two cars are BMW 330i 2 liter engine (where good old on line six left?? I don't like it) The other one is Passato diesel station wagon (our work horse, dogs transporter, it is full filing the purpose very well, good value for money in my opinion)

      Danke für die Laborinfo. Ich habe Rowe Synth RS bei e-bay (motor-oel.com) bestellt und hoffe, es ist ein echtes Rowe-Produkt? Der Webshop wurde hier von einem der Plakate erwähnt, der Preis betrug 93 Euro für 2 x 5 Liter. Andere zwei Autos sind BMW 330i 2-Liter-Motor (wo gute alte auf Linie sechs links? Ich mag es nicht und denke, es war kein guter Kauf) Der andere ist Passato Diesel-Kombi (unser Arbeitspferd, Hundetransporter, es ist voll zweckdienlich (meiner meinung nach gutes preis-leistungs-verhältnis)