[EN] oil for: VW, Ford, Renault

  • 1. Der Auto- Moto- Hersteller, Model, Baujahr:
    VW Passat B6 2009 2.0TDI CBBB 125kw DPF DSG, Ford Fiesta V 2008 1.4TDI 50KW, Renautl Kangoo 1.9D 2001 F8Q632
    2. Motor:
    3. Motor - Hubraum, Leistung:
    1968, 1399, 1870
    4. Öl-Volumen des Motors:
    4L, 3.8L, 5.2L
    5. Fahrprofil - Motorsport, Kurz- Langstrecke:
    Short distance
    6. Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit:
    7. Geplante Ölwechsel-Intervalle:
    8. Laufleistung pro Jahr:
    VW 10kkm, Ford 15kkm, Renault 20kkm
    9. Gesamtlaufleistung (Tachostand):
    VW 369kkm, Ford 237kkm, Renault 370kkm
    10. Bisher genutztes Öl:
    VW Ravenol VMO SMP, VW 0w30; Ford 5w30 5w40 0w30 0w20 Aral, Mannol, SHell, TOtal, Mercedes, Wolf, Yacco, Valvoline, DElvac; Renault Elf 10w40
    11. Ölverbrauch ml pro 1.000Km:
    12. Welche Öltemperaturen werden erreicht:
    don't know
    13. Abgasnorm, Abgasnachbehandlung:
    VW E5, Ford E4, Renault E3
    14. Hersteller-Freigaben und Viskositäten:
    VW 507, Ford 913D, RN 0700
    15. Herstellergarantie oder Kulanzansprüche:
    16. Leistungssteigerung vorhanden oder geplant:
    17. Sonstige Unregelmäßigkeiten, Teiletausch, Reinigungen etc.:
    18. Eingeplantes Budget:
    19. Verschmutzung durch Öleinfüllöffnung sichtbar?
    Wir übernehmen keine Haftung!

    Hello, nice to find this forum. I did a bit of reading in the last couple of weeks. You guys have a lot of information to share. Thank you for that!
    So .. I live in Romania, and can't get some of the oils you guys recommend, like "Addinol, Fuchs or Fanfaro" (I think I can get FUchs and ROWE, but now sure about the prices - but if needed I can ask for prices) but I can get "Mannol".
    I am the look out for an oil to suit all of my cars. IF that is possible. I usually use cheap oils and change them every 5000km. I don't know if that is right or good, but that's what I do.

    A few details of the cars:
    VW Passat - Just got it from a friend, he used those oils. I am reluctant in using VMO because of it's price. But if you guys recommend that I use it, I shall do.
    Ford. My test car. In the beggining I used only Ford 913D spec oils, after some reading here and there I changed to 5w40 with A3 / b4 spec. In the winter I usually use the cheapest 0w I can find. The 0w in the winter, make the engine more silent.
    Renault Kangoo, just got it. Took the oil sump out and cleaned it. I used Elf 10w40 for the first filling and was going to pour in 0w30 for the winter.

    So, are there any oils that can fill al of my cars?

    Also I am in interested in some 2takt oil.
    In the Ford I use Wolf 2t synth or Liqui Moly Diesel Schmier. I also used Ravenol waterboard, Mannol and other cheap / no-name products. 200-250ml 2t to 40L of diesel, or half of LMDS can.
    In the Renault Kangoo I used cheap 2takt oil or Liqui Moly Diesel schmier, 1L 2t to 50L of diesel or half of LMDS can.
    In the Passat I would like to use something, but don't know what and how much.

    So .. Any ideas? Thanks! : D

  • Hi and welcome or salut :handschake:

    I would go for the Mannol Energy Formula PD 7913 (5W-40), if you say you need in winter a thinner oil, it's hard to find something from Mannol.

    BTW: Fanfaro, Pemco and Mannol are the same.

  • hello! Thank you!

    I don't need something thinner in the winter. I like how something thinner sounds. But that is not a must. Oils from Mannol arent that hard to find.

    I cam here looking for your guys professional answer.

    I can pour just about any oil that is available for sale in the whole EU. Except: addinol and meguin. Those I have to buy from ebay.de and the delivery costs a bit over 100€.

  • Here in Germany you can find the Motul Sport Ester 5/50 quiet cheap (but is double the price of the Mannol).

    But it's hard to meet all three with one oil. Is the Passat commonrail or with PD?

    The Ford is in between and the renault would also run quite smooth with a Full SAPS oil.

    :thumbup: for changing the oil that often. But if you change it that often. I would really use the cheapest stuff, because the differences aren't that high with such a short usage.

    I think in the summer you have quite high temps over there. You could also think of a summer oil. 10W-40.

  • hello, again! Thank you for your reply.

    Our weather is the same as Germany's (south east part). Nothing extreme.

    Well... the Motul is pretty expensive and dont know if is worth paying double for just 5000km.

    The Passat is CR.

    I see some people here recommend Ravenol NDT for TDI CR PDF.

    All of my cars run inside cities, so no autobahn, just a lot of "stau". Thats why I change the oil at 5000km.

    I wouldnt mind paying more for a better oil and change it at 10.000km.

    In the Renault Kangoo and Ford Fiesta I can pour anything

    My main concern is the Passat (dpf, egr, bearing, engine internals etc).

  • Interesting. For me the Motul is cheaper than the NDT.

    Ok, got it. Then let's focus on the Passat. And the sad thing is, I would get the same result. Mannol Energy Formula PD 7913 (5W-40)

    The Ravenol NDT is also a very good oil and it is fully synthetic for real. But I would see it the same way as you said about the Motul. I am not sure if the extra price is worth it.

    Im sorry I can't get you another alternative. What other oils do you have for the same price reagon as the Mannol 7913?

    Maybe somebody else has other suggestions.

  • over here, motul, ravenol (ndt, vmp, sso etc) and Liqui moly have the same price.

    Maybe i"ll try the NDT just because I'm a Ravenol reseller and strong fan.

    Same price range as the Mannol would be: Total, Wolf, Aral, Valvoline, Orlen..

    Ravenol NDT is twice the price of the Mannol PD 😁All that matters is that the cars have a suitable oil.

    But if I can get the same results cheaper, I preffer doing cheaper.

    I'll need to get a 20l or 60L barrel. In 6 months i'll have to do oil changes to some more cars. Opel Astra G 2.0Dti, Toyota Rav4 2.2d d4d100kw, Peugeot 107 1.0i Toyota engine, Vw Golf 4 1.4i 16v

    L.E. Just found the importers of Meguin and Rowe in Romania and they have good prices.

    I saw that a lot of guys recommend Meguin Megol 5w40 low emission as a cheap alternative.

    I am not in a hurry, I will change the oil in January.

    Do yiu have any toughts about Mannol vs Meguin Vs Rowe vs anything else?

  • I think Mannol, Fanfaro, PEMCO (all SCT labels) or Total with 5W30 ACEA C3 or 5W40 like Mannol PD Formula 5W40 will be sufficient with 5000 km oil change intervals.

    My suggestions:

    Fanfaro 6719

    MANNOL Longlife 504/507 7715

    MANNOL Energy Combi LL 7907

    MANNOL Energy Premium 7908

    MANNOL Diesel TDI 7909

    Total Ineo Longlife

    Total Ineo MC3

    For Renault Kangoo 1.9D 2001 F8Q632 maybe slightly higher viscosity (RN0700) is indicated, i.e. Mannol PD Formula 5W40 or Fanfaro PDX 5w40.

  • Hello, again! and thank you for all you helpul replies!
    So... I tried to take a decission, but I couldn't. I need your guys advice!

    MANNOL 5w40 Energy Formula 5L - 22euros
    Total 5W40 Quartz Ineo MC3 5L - 26euros
    Meguin Megol 5w40 Low Emissions 5L - 30euros

    Which one should I choose? At my OCI doest it make any sense to pay a bit more for the Meguin or the TOtal? I am speaking in the interest of the Passat's DPF.
    OIC - 5000km. Sometimes I change it before 5000km (If I don't like how the engine sounds), never more that 8000km (very rarely)

  • I would start with the Mannol - as your baseline and your reference.

    Then you can try the Total. If you feel any difference than stick with your better feeling. I would do the same with the Meguin. If you cant feel or hear any big difference then you dont have to use it.

    If you really want to know which would be better for your engine, I think you have to analyse the oil. But with that money you can do 2 oil changes or even more, for one analyse.

  • hello guys!

    So I was out for a bit. Sorry for that. I was busy changing the injectors on my Fiesta. 2 out of 4 had gunk on them and didnt work right. Dont know why... I used Wolf 2T Sytnth or liqui moly diesel schmier at every fill up.

    And once a year I would use Liqui Moly Diesel Spülung. And I would redline the car every single day... i was so dissapointed.

    The Kangoo has a cracked head gasket... dont know why. It happened while changing the antifreeze. Maybe it was Glysantin's fault 😆.

    Got the Passat out from service station with a new mechatronic (I used Valvoline oil, hope it's good). And was wondeing if I can use any additive from liqui moly to protect the fuel/injection system. Maybe I can find something for the Fiesta and Kangoo, too.

    Almost forgot! I got "myself" 6 jugs of Mannol 5w40Pd, ready to be poured in the Fiesta and Kangoo. The Passat has less that 500km with the Ravenol SMP.

    Thank you guys for your support in choosing Mannol. I cant wait next week so I can change the oil 😁

  • Hello,

    In Bucharest. I work in a auto parts shop and you are correct. The moajority of romanians buy cars which they can't afford to maintain. That's Why I have only cheap old cars which I can afford to maintain. Over 50% of my clients use the cheapest oils and filters and those aren't that expensive...
    Are you living here too?